This is where you can help fellow players of the game. Please post things that will help everyone, not just members of a specific clan.
I'll start with arena events.

If everyone would set their arena defense to a weak defense, or just a single strong eddie, it allows 2 things. First. A weak defense let's you revenge easily and get the wins needed. You move back up in the ranks quickly. Second, setting a weak defense or a strong single Eddie allows players to meet specific challenges, like only win with all magus talismans, or use a holy talisman equipped to a character etc. As a general rule of thumb, I always set my defenses like this except on the last day of arena "IF" I am trying to reach a certain ranking.

Next, on events requiring certain classes or characters to complete a challenge, have all your troopers set that character as champion of the class or with the event talismans equipped.
I know this requires some communication, that's what this forum is for (some use LOTB Facebook, some use discord).

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