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    Thank you for this wonderful experience.

    I started playing Legacy of the Beast around September 2020. I was bouncing around various clans, hoping to get a good Eddie from a soul, and struggling to complete various dungeons. Now, I am in a good clan, I have some pretty killer Eddies, and I can complete most dungeons no problem. I am not here to say that I'm leaving this game because of how much I hate it, I am here to say that I am retiring for the time being and that my experience was very enjoyable.

    I decided to retire as I have been logging on less and less, and my only regret is that I will not get all these characters that will release in the following months. I have enjoyed this game, and I hope other people can enjoy it as much as I did.

    One of my first Eddies was Cyborg Eddie, such a shame I never got to see him at Max Awakening, though I'll never forget the immense grind for LAD Eddie.

    Bye y'all, have a good one! Up the irons \m/
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    You have been playing for about half a year and quit now? And then you are mourning about missing toons or those you havenít MA? Bro, Iíve been playing nearly since the release and grinding, farming and waiting are the most important part of the game. To get Cyborg MA as fast as possible you need to grind yellow bricks (for example lab, gangland etc) and the cosmic dungeons for his pyramids. You canít have everything just by playing half a year and Ö the most important thing: hopping clans and not being in a really good one that can help and carry.

    Being at this stage of the game Ö back then Ö I had no cyborg after half a year of playing. You need to pull yourself together - it needs years and years to gather every toon (except your paying real money ofc).

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    Man these retards canít get this game up and running after almost four hours after the reset. I mean what is your excuse? Go ahead and block me here as well. Iíve seen folks at my ghetto McDonaldís run there business better than this shit.

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    Caesar! That was a bit harsh, don't you think?

    Now Killer, you have a golden opportunity with Eternal Conflict to pull ahead and get on the level of competing. You are able to get Dark Road and Hellraiser for almost free, these Eddie's have costed a lot of money to adopt early. I would suggest going all in on Immortal souls and then taking a break if your not satisfied.

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