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Thread: Deja Vu

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    Deja Vu

    Feel like I've been here before...

    In fact, it's been over 3 years I think. Can't be sure. And I don't know if appreciation posts are a thing these days, because they sure weren't back when I was here often... but I am posting this one anyway.

    --- First, Content:
    You've added a ton. So much in fact, that it's overwhelming if I try to understand where everything is and what it does. So I am happily not doing that right now. Back when I used to play, BNW was the new content, and rotating dungeons and keys were not in existence. Original Lord Of Light was, but that was it. Now, there is so much to do! The events seem well placed, with nice rotation (even has a timer now telling you when the next one is coming in? Come on!) and tons of things to farm and get lost in.

    And that could end up being a problem, except...

    --- You balanced materials:
    Ironite is in no short supply, and I'm getting souls and new stuff constantly by playing less than I used to. It has made it genuinely fun. Maybe it's a little different for me since I'm missing so many characters now, but I'm pulling new ones faster than I can level them, and I have no idea who to level. I also don't know who to Awaken. And I don't really want those answers, either. At least, not yet. Having a ton of characters - more than you could ever really use - is a great thing. It eliminates things getting stale.

    --- Talismans are confusing, but exciting to have so many.
    Another great addition. I have no idea what to chase after, so I'm getting a few here and there and learning what they do. It's a ton of fun this way, as there are so many new effects I am unaware of. I may bug people about these a bit more eventually.

    --- Artwork is still sick as hell
    This game was always the absolute pinnacle of quality artwork and creativity, and it's awesome to see that hasn't changed. The best parts of this game were always how creative the team was. There is no shortage of great ideas.

    --- So many Eddies
    Love this. I just got Oni Eddie, and awakened him 1 purple star since I don't know what I'm doing - but he's great. And the old ones seem just as useful as they ever were - maybe even more balanced now. Keep it up!

    Basically, this game has made huge improvements and I am enjoying every minute of it. Thank you for this.

    I called it Deja Vu at the beginning, and I will admit that when I left, I was pretty disappointed in the game at the time. So I'm not sure Deja Vu is what I'm experiencing, because this game has done a 180 from where I feel it was back then. Well done.

    I guess I have about 30 Trooper slots available, so if anyone wants to add me, I'm Mariner-1212 still. Up the irons!
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    (as Witek would have said and it feels like those were the times you were here last )

    Great to see you back enjoying the game! It’s right, many things became better and easier to deal with- some not
    Actually, forums are pretty dead (except some guy who posts „I like this event“ to every event hahaaa).
    Everything seems to take place in discords (btw, you joined a clan already? Mofos have a free spot atm )
    Saw your request and will get you in later that day

    Again, welcome back amigo!

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    Thanks GotN, good to be back. Witek was awesome! Miss that dude. Hope he's doing well.

    I'm not in a clan yet, feel free to invite me. Not sure what to do there.
    This is what not to do if your bird shits on you.

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