5 years of Legacy. It's insane that this game has been around for this long and has gotten so much support and depth.

With that, let's get into this upcoming month's events.


Sacrifice July 2021: I can't say who all of the characters are, but I do believe two Krampus characters are coming due to a sort of majority vote in a discord server.
Sharpened Steel: This is the hard mode of the Samurai Frontier Dungeon. I've already played through it, and it's much easier than other hard mode frontier dungeons. Just bring a character that can prevent counter attacks and an anti-blocker.
Ride or Die: This could either be some sort of motorcycle or horse rider ally/Eddie. Might be interesting! Variety events are typically good.
5th Anniversary Celebration: Not a clue what the devs have in store for us. Maybe a new Beast Eddie or something from the Legacy Tours?
Encased in Armour: Standard evo event.
Blazing Tracks: Raid boss events typically give us talismans, so maybe some sort of travel-focused talismans?
History of the Beast: I imagine this is a tour through Iron Maiden's past that shows off different Eddies or themes.
Towerfall: Standard gauntlet stuff.
Somewhere in Time: The new Community character, Celestra. Might be interesting.
Skull and Sword: It's a fragment event, but not like a Lord of Light one? I'm intrigued.

Finally, the monthly event is Ancient Expedition. I think most people would guess that it's Powerslave, but I am actually going to guess it's a Somewhere in Time themed month, as the pyramid is part of Cyborg Ed's fury.

What do you all think?