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    Sacrifice July 2021 - Sacrifice for the Sphinx, Magus Fomorian and Krampuses!

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    Sacrifice rewards for July 2021 feature the Sphinx, Magus Fomorian and all 3 classes of Krampus!

    Also new to the Sacrifice store is a series of packs that contain Warrior Awakening Materials! These packs will give you the opportunity to get Warrior Awakening Materials for every star tier to help fully Awaken one of your Warrior characters!

    Every time you Sacrifice from now on, the following bonus reward will be added:

    • Tier I sacrifices: 2 Sacrifice Currency
    • Tier II sacrifices: 6 Sacrifice Currency
    • Tier III sacrifices: 20 Sacrifice Currency
    • Tier IV sacrifices: 60 Sacrifice Currency
    • Tier V sacrifices: 150 Sacrifice Currency
    • Tier VI sacrifices: 250 Sacrifice Currency
    • Tier VII sacrifice: 500 Sacrifice Currency
    • Vortexes: 750 Sacrifice Currency

    Sacrifice Currency NEVER expires and will NEVER convert. This permanent currency can be traded in the Rewards Store for rare rewards.

    The Sacrifice Tab in the Rewards Store will feature permanent items that you can trade Sacrifice Currency for, such as Talisman Upgrade packs, and Ironite, as well as the limited time items listed above.

    Trade Sacrifice Currency in Store for the Sphinx, Magus Fomorian, 3 classes of Krampus and Warrior Awakening Packs from June 30th at 5pm to July 31st at 5pm PT.

    After July 31st the limited time items available in store will be removed, and new rewards will be revealed!

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    Magus Fomorian was just in Heroic Souls. Should’ve been someone we haven’t seen in a while like futbol Eddies…

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    Speak for yourself. Some of us still needed another way to get magus fomorian, after having claimed hundreds of regular and legendary heroics with him not falling.

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