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I think that some of the things I've liked the most in this game have been the ones I had to work at over time. The first of those was early on when I really wanted Raven Witch (she's got style) and saved up for months to get enough coins for her. Then there was Baph, which was 3 months of work. And the best was OG Dark Lilith, where I did one LoL every month (coinciding with the LoL event) for 5 months. (I guess I could count Lucifer too, but I kind of think of him as a 1 month thing after getting his sister.)

Where I'm going with this is that giving me something worthwhile to work for that takes a long time to get, is fun for me (and people like me). And it also keeps us engaged with the game.

So, for people like me at least, putting something new in the Trooper store that will take a long time to acquire is a win. Since you control how many fragments we can buy per month and how many fragments the character costs, you have the ability to arbitrarily make them take a long time.

For instance, consider the Eddie we can get with achievements in Arcade Armageddon. I find that dungeon to be really frustrating. Imagine if I could supplement my fragments from the dungeon with trooper store fragments that I can only get a small number of each month. If I want him NOW, I grind the dungeon. If I'm willing to be patient, I use the trooper store. And mixtures in between.

Or, consider all of these get 10 souls out of the 75 you need. What if, a few months later, you started selling 30 fragments per week in the Trooper store for each of those characters? Now we're looking at 5 months to get the remaining 650 fragments. But if I KNOW I'm going to be able to get enough eventually, maybe I'll spend some ironite during the event to get myself closer. Decisions like that are fun. I wouldn't spend Ironite on 65 souls, so I won't spend any ironite in the event. But, if I know I'm going to be able to buy compatible fragments in the trooper store, I may spend 1000 ironite now. Etc.
That would be a great idea!