There appears to be a rare hang in the final wave of the History of the Beast dungeon on Insanity.

It's happened to me twice in ~75 runs so far. Both times were on the final wave while on Autoplay. It stops autoplaying and I'm in control of my Eddie. I can swipe left and right to go to past, present, and future, but there are no buttons to press and the game doesn't advance. I have to kill the app and restart it.

My team is my normal A team.
Grim Reaper (Max awakened) with Nif and his bespoke.
The Russian Sniper (Eupatoria) with Rag and her bespoke.
Green Banshee with Ygg and her bespoke.
OG Dark Lillith with Prideful and Cosmic Archer.

All talismans are max level.