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    Automatic feedback reporting from the game to devs of long battles

    So, I'm kind of used to this happening: the game gets stuck trying to process one action due to the myriad combinations occurring. Usually, I'm nearby the phone and catch it, exit the battle (take a loss!) and even then sometimes the game fails to exit the battle -> kill the game instead & reload.

    What truly frustrates me is when I open a key, load up on SoT, set the game off on auto and go do something more important with my life than sit & watch a game grind away for me but come back in an hour or two and work out that the game didn't even finish one attempt because it got stuck. Key wasted, time wasted, electricity wasted, battery life reduced, burn-in on the phone... My choice to attempt this & I accept the latter three problems.

    Devs: get the game to feedback to yourselves any scenario which takes more than one minute to complete a single action in the game (I'm not talking about waiting for human input) and get the game to feedback to yourselves any scenario that takes more than five minutes per wave on auto [or per turn in Arena/Gauntlet]. Various Odins are particularly happy performing two actions infinitely without furthering the fights and the only on screen visuals are a "Perfect" and then a fury (which gets blocks in this scenarios but auto-gives Odin another turn or something like that). When those timers are reached: give the player a kill switch for the calculations because some of them make even the top-bar options disappear or the exit option is not honoured.

    Yes, I have left a Gauntlet fight to run overnight: 7.5 hours on one action, no resolution.
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