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Welcome Troopers to another State of the Nation!

The last 8 months have been incredibly busy with tons of awesome stuff happening in the game. We’ve celebrated the 40th album Anniversary of Killers, released the first two parts of The Isles of Avalon, had two amazing collaborations with Amon Amarth and Lacuna Coil and implemented a number of player requested improvements including expanded inventories and changes to Brave New World.

This Fall and Winter seasons are going to be huge! Iron Maiden’s 17th Studio Album, Senjutsu, is set to release on September 3rd! We’ll be supporting it with incredible in-game content, including a new Mega event, powerful new characters and a thematically aligned Raid Boss...

3rd Raid Boss Incoming!
We’ll be launching our 3rd Raid Boss in September, though it’s not who you may expect! Our original plans had us looking to release the Celtic god, Cernunnos, which many Troopers correctly guessed based on the styling of the 3rd Raid Bosses banner. However, in light of the upcoming album, we seized the opportunity to align our 3rd Raid Boss with Senjutsu’s themes to fully celebrate Iron Maiden’s first new studio album release in 6 years.

We’ve designed this latest Raid Boss to be a truly formidable opponent who wields the power of the sun. Can you guess who it is?

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For those who were looking forward to Cernunnos, don’t despair! We still intend to launch this character in some form in the future.

Raid Boss Reward Updates

In addition to a new Raid Boss, we’ll be making a couple other updates to this feature. Specifically we’ll be updating the number of points required to reach SSS rank from 1 million to 5 million points, with other levels scaled up accordingly.

Raid Boss has been available as a feature for nearly a year and half now, and is due for rebalancing. Reaching SSS should be a bit of a challenge and it has become increasingly easier for the majority of active clans to triple the 1 million mark within the week with a relatively low amount of effort. This rebalancing is especially necessary as the ecosystem of the game has shifted. Some of the things we looked at in making this decision was that more powerful characters have since become more widely available (monthly mega event characters, Clan Gods etc.), there are now more ways to get Sands of Blood since we launched the feature, and powerful talismans like Clan themed 5-sets have been added to Clan Medal Souls.

This rebalance will also touch upon rewards to make them even more enticing! We’ll be rebalancing the different tiers of weekly rewards, as well as improving the Odin and Baphomet drop tables. This September will also see us adding powerful Deadly Sin themed talisman sets to the Clan Medal Souls: Lust, Gluttonous, Envious, Prideful, and Wrathful, as well as adding the following Talismans to the Clan store (100 tribute each, all subtypes): Midgard, Giant, Amulet, Asgard and Runic.

Avalon Part 3 Coming This Fall!
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The 3rd and final part of the Isles of Avalon will be launching this fall! Expect more quests, the conclusion of the Avalon storyline, two additional difficulty settings and Skull Quests. Bonus: Complete the Isle of Avalon on all three difficulty settings, and you’ll earn a free Eddie!

Frontier Store changes incoming!

Later this fall we plan to make some changes to the Frontier Store. Many of the characters on offer have been available for years. In the interest of improving the offers in other areas of the game, as well as freeing up more space in the Frontier Store we will be making the following changes at the end of October:

  • Trooper Eddie, Lady Azov, Bastion, and Warlord characters will be moved to the Trooper Store and be made available for Trooper Badges
  • Eternity Eddie, Clairvoyant, Wrath and Beelzebub characters will be moved to the Arena Store and be made available for Iron Coins.

These 8 characters will be removed from the Frontier Store at the end of October and will be placed in the locations stated above at the end of November. We wanted to give everyone enough time to make a plan and buy any of the characters that will soon be shifting over.

We’ll also be making a couple new additions to the store in September! Expect to see Paschendale Eddie and Professor Parabiosis in the Frontier Store for 8000 and 4000 Frontier Coins respectively.

The Frontier Store will continue to shift into early 2022. We will of course give a couple months notice ahead of any changes to allow for adequate preparation!

New Player Survey!

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We put out our latest player feedback survey last week. Have you participated yet? We’d love to hear from you. Survey responses have helped guide a lot of our work for events, features and improvements in the past.

Be sure to join in today:

We’ll be accepting responses until August 20th!

That’s all for now Troopers! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the Senjutsu release, as well as our plans for Halloween, Day of the Dead and Christmas!

Up the Irons!