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Early release this month (was in the LotB newsletter). First guesses on events are:

>Evo event is first off, presumably some revive/heal with shield talisman will be the focus.
>Dungeon will be something tying in with the new album I presume
>Rightful Heir will be the new Raid Boss. This could start on Tuesday 7th potentially?
>Wandering Warrior will possibly be the event to get the new Warrior Bones awakening shards for Samurai and Senjutsu Eddies?
>Gauntlet Season 12 will probably be Monday 13th September?
>Eternal Shadows might focus on the hard mode of Mystic Night
>Restless Spectre could be another new character that we saw earlier in the month in the new dungeon
>Ferocious fangs could likewise be another new character from the dungeon
>Calm Composure presumably will start on the Arena reset on the 26th to cover the new Gauntlet reset on the 27th given that it is the last event of the month. Either that or it'll start on the 20th and we'll have no events between 26th and 30th.