You're welcome Viking, have a look at my teams and characters... And talismans... I can try to get what I can maxed out and try and tailer a trooper to your needs. I am one of those ones that has done a decent amount of spending in the game and willing to help out with putting up a trooper suitable for most or a few. I use the troopers badges for what ever I can get. I am still looking for a regular Doomsday Eddie for my own collection. I have two of them in my troopers which helped me get 3 skulls on the ones that I needed to kill 2-3 enemies with a fury skill. My biggest thing are the warrior and assassin 1* Evo runes for talismans..... I am having to grind for those because the 640 or whatever ironite to me aren't worth the 9 u get.

Anyone else wants to add me for trooper SoulGravity-4012.