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    August 31st, 2021 Update Discussion

    This is the main post to discuss general changes from the recent update.

    You can see the details of the update that has just gone live in the Game Updates forum post.

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    Alright, with the new release out we saw a new Raid Boss and some general tuning to raids as a whole.

    I'm gonna say right now; the changes to raids feel terrible. 5 million for nearly the exact same rewards we used to get at 1 million is dumb. I do think it needs to be tuned down to anywhere between 2 and 2.5 million.

    Amaterasu as a raid boss is interesting in how she works, though it feels like there are only a few teams that can hit her at her weakest at the moment. I imagine as time progresses, clearing her will be easier.

    Retroactively changing the rewards of Bap and Odin to drop lower amounts also feels a bit bad, but it's whatever. Amaterasu X drops quite a bit if you clear her in one go.

    The updates to the clan store are quite nice, and Samurai Ed's awakening looks interesting. Bushido Codes appear to be a type of passive, based on his awakening.

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    I didn't like that the raid started on Monday with the old model and then the goal posts moved on Tuesday. On Monday I checked the Raid Rewards, saw that it was still 1M for SSS, and assumed that the new boss would start the following Monday. So I spent my time amulets and went about things like nothing had changed. Imagine my surprise when on Tuesday everything changed. I'll get over it, but if you do something like this in the future, you should put up an in-game banner when you enter the clan area that says, "Beware: the raid will change tomorrow and resources you spend today will be worth more then."

    Now that we can see the data, we know the actual requirements for the various raid rewards.
    It used to take 200 BaphX kills to get to SSS.
    Now it takes 334 BaphX or 250 AmatX kills to get S. That's attainable, but more work for less reward.
    And, to get to SSS, it now takes 834 BaphX or 625 AmatX kills. That comes to 21 AmatX kills per person per week.

    In many games, the purpose of clans is provide community and a teaching system for new players. Many of those games find that, by providing that teaching space, new players stay with the game longer.

    I run a clan that acts this way. Maybe 1/3 of my clan are heavy hitters, another 1/3 are medium hitters, and 1/3 are people who are still learning. Is it your intent that I ruthlessly kick out the learners and only accept people who kill AmatX 21 times a week? Because that's the choice you're giving me.

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    Few points to take note on this update

    Bugs - come on guys you've been at this long enough now to test this stuff before you push it for release yet they are still happening

    Nnow for the real stuff.....
    Bapho & Odin rewards SUCK. I get you have added more stuff to the pool but to dilute it like this is BAD. what are you trying to achieve ? force players to quit ?
    Upping the RP to 5mil is not attainable for every clan out there especially newly formed clans or clans that only have a % of dedicated players with a massive team roster.
    Some clans wont even be able to tackle Amaterasu

    You really need to work on these rewards to make it more appealing so clans do raids...Amaterasu rewards are ok when they should be FANTASTIC seeing as she is the Final RB and has the highest RP
    But the down side is you have massively nerfed the % of Ironite drops, clan soul frags....We do not want Alchemist frags, Skill shards and the other rubbish. The way you have it now is not beneficial when you work out how many raids per week per person you have to do just to hit the SSS tier.
    As it is we are having to buy extra SOB at a cost of 60/120 ironite when ever they are available. you need to increase the frequency they come in and drop the cost per SOB. We are spending 320 ironite a day and over the week it soon adds up to a few thousand and sometimes we don't get anywhere near that back for the hassle of doing 8 raids per day.... And to top that off even if clans hit the SSS goal and when they open the Clan gold Soul and drop a crappy 4 set... These need to be removed. the whole point of a gold clan soul is meant to give out unreal rewards for each person... but lets be honest they are from from awesome when the chances of getting a good tali set is low

    So lets look at what you usually get from weekly rewards if you hit SSS

    500 ironite
    Red Talisman soul
    280 Rare soul frags
    750 tribute soul frags
    2/3/4/5 Set (mostly 2 or 4 set)
    5 Cosmic Dungeon Keys
    Legendary Soul

    Lets be honest these are rubbish for the work Clans have to put in

    So you need to rework these rewards to make it more attractive and make it worth our while....
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