Hey Troopers;

There's a handful of bug fixes going into today's release today at 5:00PM PST and a few extra items to note:

The Compensation Pack for the recent server and Divine origins issues can be found in the Special Tab in the Main Store

Fixed Amaterasu's Fury text
Updated Talisman Souls text to clarify that it gives 1★ Gold Idols
Added Heavenly Currency for Ironite pack into the shop
Adjusted the Top Rewards for Odin and Baphomet to give Clan Character Soul Fragments as an additional reward instead of being a part of the base group of bonus rewards (less diluted rewards)
Adjusted Zodiac Combo Pack art to move the second talisman set icon to the front
Localization update for non-English Samurai Eddie skills, Raid Boss Amaterasu's Heavenly Light Cosmic, Cosmic Beast Talisman, and Crimean Militant Talisman
Fixed Amaterasu's first kill rewards to give 20 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments on each Floor and 1 Space Time Amulet on Floor V and Floor X