What more can I say the rewards needs to be looked at ASAP.

The weekly rewards are exactly the same as they was but you have increased the limit to 5 million RP. other games which are very similar to lotb have much better weekly rewards for clans/guilds

These need to made more attractive to make clans want to take part even if they are newly formed

The Talisman sets that are all available in the clan store yet you still continue to have these in the rewards pool. We don't want these talismans
500 Ironite is not enough and should be increased. Now what we should be getting is an exclusive talisman or character as part of the weekly rewards for clans hitting SSS
legendary souls need to be replaced with Mythical souls

these are just some of the things that should be implemented into the rewards for SSS.

Whilst we are on the subject of rewards.

The new raid boss is finally here I can NOT stress enough how poor these rewards are. These rewards for defeating the new raid boss should be awesome but they are far from awesome. During the current clan event these rewards are quite frankly a joke.

personally i done 50 odd raids in the new raid boss on day one of the event. and the rewards was dreadful

I'm not quite sure what the devs are trying to achieve by altering the rewards

But many clans are NOT happy

you guys have been at this long enough now to know what is going to annoy players yet you do nothing about rectifying these issues
It's quite simple offer rewards that are beneficial not only on a personal level but also by working as a TEAM..