First things first, it's indeed good to be back, the new album made me install the game again and the old friends I met here made me stay playing again. So thanks to both band and friends.

And indeed... WOW this game is on a whole new level or different things to plan and play, I feel like a newbie again and to be honest, it's great to get this feeling, makes all the difference when playing with some chars and having that WTF moment, thinking what a powerhouse this chars and talis would be back in the day.

Ok, now my two main questions:

- Bespoke talismans, will they return someday, for example, I am working towards fully awakening Grim Reaper Eddie at the moment, but since I don't have his bespoke I know I will be missing a huge part of the greatness of the char. Will I ever get a chance on getting his bespoke? Same applies to Oni Eddie and so on.

- New chars, are they returning into some sort of rotation nowadays? The one thing I really disliked is the events only chars, where almost all other games that have pulls (gacha games) have the new character added to the pool after their debut, making the char a lot harder to pull, but with a chance nonetheless. Like the new oni mongol warrior or the prince, getting they in the event is awesome, but a way of getting them later on, would also be great.

Main reasons on asking is not missing out on some chars and talismans, I mean, I'm back after years of not playing so I know I lost a lot of awesome chars for sure, but also I have a lot of other ones that was added in between that I can look forward on getting.

Bespoke talismans on the other hand, I feel that they can drive me away from awakening some chars since apparently some need their Bespoke to truly shine.

All in all, I'm having a blast playing again.

Thanks in advance for anyone that hears (and answer) my call!

Up the Irons!!!