It's a Lord of Light event which means a lot of grinding on very easy dungeons. So I decided to get some free levelling of characters I got recently. I put together Senjitsu Eddie, Oni Mongol, the new Shogun Prince musashi guy, and Red Derby Demon, and set them going on LoLX.

Some amount of time later, I checked it and saw this:
One of the newborns of light was ghosted with a stack of bleeds that went off the top of the screen and Senjitsu was attacking him over and over again, never stopping. I watched it for a while, then disabled autoplay and finished it on manual. LoLX usually takes < 30 seconds. This one had been running for over 7 minutes.

Ghost is a terrible thing. Having a "Buff" that kills you is all sorts of a bad idea.
But Dark Ghost is an even worse thing. Having a "debuf" that makes it so that your opponents can NOT be killed is ... <sighs>

I never, ever, want any of my people to be Ghosted. My teams have multiple ways to revive, some as buffs, some as skills, etc. It is a very rare situation where the Ghost buff makes my life in any way better.

And I never, ever, EVER, want to Dark Ghost my opponents. My teams are made up of literal gods and demons. They do ridiculous amounts of damage to my opponents. At least, they do so long as I never let an Oni Mongol or a Lamia Reaper Boss or a Number of the Beast Eddie play. At its very best, casting Dark Ghost only slows me down. At its worst, it halts me in my tracks and stops the battle from ever completing.

Have a great new character who permastuns the enemy? If they're dark ghosted, you'll never, ever, be able to kill them.
Have a great new character who gets extra turns repeatedly? If the enemy is dark ghosted, you'll never, ever, be able to kill them.

These skills are completely broken. But they shouldn't be fixed. The should be disabled and removed from the game entirely.