Hello Troopers,

Thank you so much for the reports you have been sending to us since the start of the Ferocious Fangs event. As many of you have noticed, the start of this event has led to a couple issues:
1) Ghostly Remains are no longer dropping in Frontier Dungeons
2) Sharpened Claws are not dropping in Lord of Light Frontier Dungeons.

After some investigation we have found that there is a data conflict at the heart of the issue. We are currently working on a resolution we plan to deliver this afternoon.

The Resolution will look like this:
1) Ghostly Remains will drop once again in Frontier Dungeons once the fix is pushed. We will also extend the Restless Specter event by 1 day to allow players to make up for lost time
2) The Ferocious Fangs event will be paused and shifted to a few days from now. The new start date for this event will be September 29th at 5pm PT. Any progress made on event challenges, and any Sharpened Claws earned prior to this shift will be retained.
3) This time shift will also resolve the issue with Sharpened Claws not dropping in Lord of Light Frontier Dungeons. This currency will appear correctly in all the normal locations when the Ferocious Fangs event starts again.
4) We will be releasing a compensation pack to the store

Thank you for your patience while we work on this resolution. We will update this page once again when the fix is live.

The Legacy of the Beast Team