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    Quick QoL Improvement

    Hey Devs,

    I want to preface that this is a "nice to have" and would be pretty cool if you could implement. But you are doing an outstanding job with everything, and the game is truly enjoyable.

    Here are some screens for what would be a "copy talisman setup" effect, with explanation below the screens. I tried to make the UI as simple as possible, to avoid complex implementation.

    Name:  Talisman_01.png
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    In this, you see that there is now an icon in the lower-left corner of the talisman tab. This is an inactive (empty) state. Obviously you'd design it any way you want, but I'm demonstrating needed states.

    Name:  Talisman_02.png
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    In this state, you've tapped the icon and it has copied down your talismans and removed them from the current character. They are also back in your inventory now. It is necessary to remove them to avoid duplication bug issues. On the backend, a DB table (with associated talisman name, color code and user-specific instance ID) temporarily stores these values. It's a simple reference to pull them from your inventory.

    If a user moves to another character and uses even one of these 6 talismans, they are removed from the temporary storage and the icon moves back to inactive. However, if none have been used elsewhere yet...

    Name:  Talisman_03.png
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    The user can tap on the icon and the side window slides out, giving them the quick option to use the talisman setup on the current character.

    But what about when the slots don't match?
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    In that instance, the icon appears in its red (incompatible) state, and when tapped, the user is informed that this is not actionable.

    Name:  Talisman_05.png
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    When the slots do match up, regardless of what's in the character's current setup, the option to copy over exists. By tapping the green checkmark, the talismans currently sitting in the slots (explosives/burn seen here) are put back into inventory, the temporary talisman setup is copied to the character, and the instance of it is removed from the temporary DB table - leaving us with the same state it was at in the first image with the inactive icon.

    Thanks for your time, and keep up the great work!
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    This would be a really great addition to the game! Really like it! Swapping talismans with all the grinding these days is really annoying. This solution would make it much easier and the game more enjoyable. Great work Mariner!

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    Indeed. Great suggestion, Mariner!

    By far, the hardest part of the raid bosses isn't fighting them, it's moving all of my talismans over and over again. This suggestion would seriously improve my quality of life.

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    I'm pretty sure we asked for this kind of thing before, along with other QOL updates for the talisman system but as of yet nothing has materialised. yeah they updated the talisman system but its still friggin annoying as it doesnt stay at the talisman screen after youve loaded one, still skips back to the begining.
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    The proposed solution sounds very resource heavy but I do very much agree with needing someway to de-chore-ify talisman management in this game. An "equip set" and "unequip set" that just grabs the first X talismans of that type (where X is however many it takes to complete that set, i.e. Health would only grab 2 but ragnarok would grab 5) and throws it/takes it off of the toon from your inventory
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