Hello Troopers!

We wanted to let you know that we have released a compensation pack for the issues that occured on Saturday evening with the Deity Offering and Fall from Grace event.

To recap, on Saturday evening when the Fall from Grace Arena event went live, this caused a bug to occur in the Deity Offering event that made it so Sacred Gifts were no longer dropping.

Our team fixed this issue at 10pm PT the same evening. After 10pm PT on October 9th Sacred Gifts were dropping as they should once again.

In order to complete this fix we had to pause and shift the Fall from Grace Arena event. We moved this event to its new start time - October 11th at 5pm PT. All progress made on challenges for the Arena event would have carried over to when it started again last night.

You can collect your compensation pack for this issue now. The pack is in the New section of the Store, and also in the Specials tab of the Main Store. It will be available to collect until 5pm PT on October 19th. Please note that this pack was released around noon, so there is a chance you may have already collected it!