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    Really enjoyed this dungeon and event. I like how it continued on from last month's event dungeon, both with the story and the environments. Also liked how it was comparatively easier than last month's dungeon too. This was especially helpful given how much farming is needed for all the event rewards. I like the idea and concept behind the Avalon's Light bespoke, and don't mind doing a bit of extra farming (for a T3 and a handful of T1s), but it does make this one of the more expensive dungeons in a little while. Not complaining (too much ), but with another two event dungeons this month, it could add up quickly.

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    For anyone wondering, I've been using:
    Dark Roads Eddie - Apocalypse/Paranoia
    Cosmic Baphomet MAX - Wrathful/T3-Compassion
    Dark Advent Lilith MAX - Capricorn/Taurus/SinisterSolstice
    Warrior Odin MAX - Ragnarok/Aesir

    I was pretty lucky, as this was the first team I tried, and it worked rather well. Only 1 defeat in 700+ runs. Times are a little random, but always between 1-2min, average ~1:30. There aren't as many puzzles to "solve" as last month's dungeon, I'm sure most combinations of meta characters/talismans will work fine enough, but having a T3 Compassion to disable Oni character passives seems to help a fair bit.

    Best of luck with your farming everyone!

    Minor suggestion: Please use a longer clip for the background music!

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    I liked this event.

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    One thing I really liked about this event was that the dungeon went considerably faster when you got the new Patience tali. For me, over half of the time running the dungeon was fighting the Shogun Prince in the 4th round. Getting a tali that blocked his Wrathful took me from 2 minute runs to 45 second ones. It's neat to get new tools to use, and especially neat when they have such a big impact.

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