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    Mega daily dungeon keys

    I have almost 400 daily dungeon keys. Between all the scrolling to get to them and the really quick time it takes to do 3 runs on autoplay, it's going to take a lot of manual work to burn through them.

    Suggestion: Make a "Mega daily dungeon key" that allows you to play 30 times and sell it in the store for 10 regular daily dungeon keys.

    That would let me buy a Mega Sands of Time refill, use a key, and let it run for 30 times instead of 3. Would be a great quality of life change, and I'm pretty sure you already have all the infrastructure for doing it.

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    Seems like a bandaid approach. I wish I'd kept to myself all my whinging about scrolling past the *(&( keys to get to souls Scrolling pas all the *%&%& 1* souls after a Lord Of Light event to get the keys is far worse! I suppose at least I don't have to do so as often as before.

    Implement grouping & filters everywhere, please! Create a model which works with any data & pulls the group options from your DB.
    - Group by area-specific stuff (BoS: souls/keys/specific soul types/5* dungeons/4* dungeons/3* dungeons).
    - A free-text search option to filter the list.

    Imagine how much easier talismans will be to manage in the sell section (heck, display the name on top of the icon!)! Or being able to search characters for the "Awaken" attribute to find that newly awakenable character who is buried in the recesses of the list. It would then be an admin exercise to add a new grouping option (amend/append to the DB) and not a developer change.

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