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    Long awaited improvement - Display Innate effects - needed ASAP

    Just wanted to share some constructive thoughts, I like the new character/talisman additions to the game, lots of fun teams to throw/disable nasty passives and effects.

    But the problem remains the same, sometimes I feel like playing blindfolded. Can't figure out why some effects did/didn't work, and this is mostly becouse we cannot see innate effects/talisman status (enabled/disabled) and so on.

    What I comment now is mostly relevant for arena, but anyway, all new toons/talismans are only relevant for arena... innate stuff is not really needed for grinds.

    With so many toons/talismans that are able to apply/cleanse innate effects, some visual aid is needed ASAP, if not the game will become an unlayable mess (some battles feel like it right now). Innate freeze/sleep/stun have some visuals (which are bugged 75%), I would prefer some clear effect displayed with number of rounds/or once you select the toon (if devs want to prevent icon bloating). This is a must now for innate passive disable, also for innate block benefitial/golden effects.

    Seeing if talismans are enabled/disabled would also be nice.
    Idea: just show the (UP TO 4 passive effects, 1 toon passive, up to 3 from talismans) please fix this and do not show only 3 as currently. Would it be difficult to cross them out with a red X or / if disabled?? Add extra innates into the display box once the toon is selected.

    I would add as much info as possible, why displaying all the relics (a million lines) instead of just the stat increases that are active currently??
    Displaying some critical immunities would also be really helpful, such as IMMUNITY to innate permadeath / innate stun /innate skill disabling effects...

    SOME examples:
    1) FU Cosmic lilith gives immunity to innate stun/freeze to all team. Why I've seen this effect ignored so many times, while other effects of her passive are still in effect.
    2) FU Celestra is able to disable Brave and Riposte talismans. Why do I feel than Brave effects are still preventing innate permadeath? Is it really disabled?
    3) Virtue talisman that's able to disable ghost of the navig/ancient mariner passives. Is it acting before the ghost disables all passives?

    If we still experience weird stuff after seeing the effects, then we'll assume it's a bug and we can report, and help the devs to fix it. The game is complex and fun, we can help to polish it! But we would like to be listened to!

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    Definitely agree with everything. This would be a major improvement (and not only relevant for arena, also for dungeons IMHO)!

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