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    Need Help with Road to Valhalla

    Heyo Guys.
    Im actually farming RotV for the Event and want do the challanges for Skuld.

    2 are missing, killing Thor with freya and killing freya with fenrir.

    Which teams could do that Job savely? I tried many Teams, but not one wins safe. Do you can help me?


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    I've copied my teams below, but these are what I used when the dungeon was first released so there are a lot of other characters available now (including Awakened ones) that I didn't have available to choose from at the time:

    For Thor I used:

    Viking Invader Eddie (Ivory, Crystal, Cosmic Bespoke), Horus (Clover, Sustaining, Cosmic Avenger), Freya (Inspiration, Aim, Freya Bespoke), Dark Advent Lilith (Prudence, Sinister Solstice)

    For Freya:

    King Arthur Eddie (Yggdrasil, Cosmic Health), Dark Advent Lilith (Prudence, Sinister Solstice), Fenrir (Hex, Moon, Cosmic Titan), Gunnr, Valhalla Maiden (Serenity, Boost, Cosmic Valhalla Maiden)

    I seem to recall the team against Thor working fine on auto but the one against Freya needed babysitting as it wasn't 100% guaranteed. It got me there in the end though with only a couple of losses I think. Nowadays, if I'm farming any version of Valhalla I tend to use Oni Eddie (Gate, Cosmic Oni), Cosmic Baphomet (Wrathful, Cosmic Sulphur), Dark Advent Lilith (Prudence, Sinister Solstice) and Moonchild (Riposte, Cosmic Good & Evil), all Max Awakened, so if you have this team you could try swapping out the Baphomet for the character you need for the challenge.
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    If I remember correctly, the trouble I had with Thor was that he had Soul Talis on, so when we killed him, he'd ghost someone and revive. My solution was to switch to Oni, since his fury would keep Thor from reviving, which made us win before the ghost killed us.

    For Freya, the challenge was that the leftmost character has Peace talis, so on autoplay, your characters wasted their first turns on it. You definitely want characters that hit multiple enemies for that one. Fenrir can take Ripost. I wonder if you could have two characters with Ripost and do the double blocker thing. I don't think any of the enemies have Paranoia talismans on.

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    Thank you Dragonmat89.
    Your team for Freya is perfect

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