Hello Troopers,

We’ve released a new client into the App Store and Google Play Store today. This update will be propagating for the next several hours, so if you don’t see it immediately, it is likely just taking time to load.

This update includes the following quality of life improvements:
  • Smoothed out Book of Souls scrolling and adjusted to show 5 souls on screen instead of 3
  • Adjusted the store text popup for single items to have a scroll view and larger font for larger descriptions
  • Adjusted Amaterasu's banner from green to yellow
  • Magic Burn and True Burn have their own unique icons
  • Fury and Passive abilities are now displayed on the same character in the skills tab of the My Team screen

Please note that we will also be pushing a server update next week that will contain more changes, including the items listed in our most recent tuning notes.