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Thread: November Events

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    November Events

    With us reaching the final month of Amaterasu's Divine Origin Event, let's check out the events for this month.

    The Elegant Skull: I'm not too knowledgeable on traditions regarding Day of the Dead, which seems to be the theme for November. So, this could be anything really; I don't know enough to guess.
    Silent Night: Not too certain here either; my guess is that this frag event is mostly sleep related characters?
    Blood Drinker: A vampire would make sense here, but I saw someone else suggest in a discord server that this could instead actually be a chupacabra, a Puerto Rican and Mexican mythical creature that drinks blood. Might make sense with the Day of the Dead theming.
    Soul Protector: Not too certain on this either; once again my knowledge of Day of the Dead is limited.
    Embrace the Dark: Standard evo event once again.
    Leave No Trace: I imagine this could be some sort of assassin or stealth killer character or talismans.
    Gauntlet Fall Tour: This will be our in-between season after Oni Kannushi's time is up.
    Cure What Ales You: Ale awakening shards and Hallowed Ed are the only real examples of ale being used in the game. So, it could be a special edition Hallowed Ed, or it could be an entirely new character.
    Strange Land Bounty: This is our yearly Cyborg Monday event, and with it will likely come a new Cyborg Eddie variant. If I were to guess, this one might be the blue one from Wasted Years.

    So, what do you all think? Are you looking forward to the events?

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    The ale awakening could be Aces High Eddie. As he shoots a beer bottle with his fury.

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    I was wondering if the ale one could be another variant based on the different beers that have been made, but they're all already covered by either Trooper Eddie, Samurai Eddie, Senjutsu Eddie, Dark Road Eddie or Hallowed Eddie - the only additional one is the old artwork for 'Light Brigade', although this is already quite close to US Cavalry Eddie... Another link is possibly another Day of the Dead style Eddie as there have also been three of those based on Trooper, No Prayer for the Dying and Benjamin Breeg artworks, but these are all also very similar to one another, or a Maiden England Eddie as he appears on the rear of the original bottles but that's a bit of a tenuous link to the 'ale' idea...
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