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    December 1st 2021 Update Discussion

    This is the main post to discuss general changes from the recent update.

    You can see the details of the update that has just gone live in the Game Updates forum post.

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    Icy Eddie losing the ability to wear Sinister Solstice brings up a longstanding bug that would be really good to fix.

    If you put a bespoke on a character that isn't allowed to wear it, the bespokes icon still shows up in the list of running talisman effects (on the talisman screen). This makes it pretty hard to tell that you put the bespoke on the wrong character.

    Anyone who has Sinister on Icy and doesn't carefully read this thread will be unlikely to realize that the bespoke isn't working on Icy anymore.

    The fix for the bug is to not show the icon if the talisman isn't actually going to take effect (similar to if you only put 5 talismans from a 6 set on a character).

    This would solve a number of problems.
    1) I've seen people in arena who clearly don't understand how bespokes work and have completely unrelated bespokes on their characters.
    2) Some bespokes have really general descriptions which aren't necessarily clear. Ie "Egyptian gods" which makes you ask, "In a random 3 star Anubis an Egyptian god?"
    3) Often, there's a delay between when new characters come out and when the bespoke descriptions get updated. For instance, is Cyborg Storm Rider Eddie able to wear the Cyborg Bespoke, the Biker Bespoke, or the Bounty Hunter Bespoke? Until the text gets updated, that's really hard to tell.

    If you made the icon only show up when the bespoke works on that character, we could solve all of this by just putting the bespoke on and seeing if the icon appears.

    This is certainly not the highest priority bug in the game, but it causes enough trouble that I think you should consider fixing it.

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