Apologies for the late post with this, my computer was being repaired.

Amaterasu's event has ended, meaning we're back to regular monthly events. As I post this, the monthly event and first event are both active, so no predictions for those.


Krampusnacht: A new Krampus variant. We only have Magus and Sentinel left, and a possible cosmic one. I am going to guess this year is going to be a Magus one.
Defy Death: The final evolution event of the year.
The Icy Abyss: New frontier dungeon that will allow us to get Coalgiver Ed year-round.
Ultimate Creations: Not entirely sure, but if I were to guess I would say it's the Zombie Soldier and someone else this time around.
Dark Yuletides: Perhaps new Wicker Wolves or something of the sort? Not entirely sure with this one.
Gauntlet Season 13: A new sentinel joins the fight! The recent gauntlet characters have all been based on what time they released, so this one will likely be some sort of winter holiday character.
Fright Before Christmas: Our Halloween event had Moonchild pushing through some sort of dream, and I feel that might be a common theme going forward. Here, I think we'll see Moonchild's nightmare before Christmas.
Bountiful Gifts: I am not fully certain as to what may be here, maybe some possessed gift boxes?
Ethereal Presence: A new spirit, perhaps? We had all the ones from Christmas Carol, and the Christmas Giving ghost, so maybe this is a cosmic one?

What do you all think? Are you excited for this winter holiday fest?