It seems the compendium isn't loading properly at the moment (very basic graphics and layout) but this could be a local issue on my device... The main thing I'd like to highlight is how out of date it has gotten again. Is there any plan to update it with the following?

Characters Missing entirely:

Warrior Dark Angel
Assassin Dark Angel
Storm-Rider Reaper Eddie
Dark Advent Angel
Magus Krampus

Plus upcoming characters... Winter's Guardian Ragnar, Dark Advent Lucifer and Santa Claws are ones we know about already as well as the other character in the Christmas Dungeon teaser that seems to be based on the Red Queen.

Awakened Details missing:

Rainmaker Eddie
Beast Eddie
Coalgiver Eddie
Sentinel Amaterasu
Gunner Amaterasu
Assassin Amaterasu
Cosmic Amaterasu
Edless Cavalier

Character tuning updates missing:

Magma Beast Eddie

Talisman tuning updates missing:
Cosmic Biker
Cosmic Musashi
Cosmic Nagual
Cosmic Oni
Cosmic Sinister Solstice
Cosmic Winter Solstice

Talisman Missing entirely:
Cosmic Avalon's Light
Cosmic Azusa Yumi
Cosmic Bounty Hunter
Cosmic High Virtue - Charity
Cosmic High Virtue - Purity

There may be others that are missing/out of date too but these are the ones I've been able to identify as I keep a local copy of the text form the compendium so I can search it easier for specific damage types/effects/etc.