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Thread: January Events

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    January Events

    With a new year comes new events, and this January seems to have been inspired by the Writing on the Wall MV.

    New Year's Saining: Saining is a Scottish word for "blessing," and the Celtic bespoke returned recently, so maybe there's a new character or Eddie who can use it? There is an old Scottish new year celebration called "Hogmanay," so maybe someone related to that?
    Walls of Montsegur: Fallen Fortress got a hard mode, so this will be the event for that.
    Hold the Line: Raid Boss events can really feature anything; I'm going to guess this will be some sort of guardian character, but the title is too broad.
    Stormy Suppression: Standard evo event.
    Writing on the Wall: I assume this dungeon will feature either a new storm rider or someone else from the music video, maybe the mercenaries or the guy that turns into Senjutsu Eddie.
    Feast or Famine: Being that the music video revolves around Belshazzar's Feast, I assume this is the titular character's event. Question is, will we get him in buff mode or in the withered chair form?
    Magus Fomorian: First time a frag event has had a 5 star character, so that's interesting.
    Renewed Faith: Really could be anything, a talisman set or a character. This is again, too broad for me.
    Towerfall: A standard gauntlet event.

    Finally, the monthly event is Tides of Change, which I think will feature the next Storm-Rider Ed that we will get.

    What do you all think?

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    Hi Grim, long time reader, few time commenter.
    I'm leaning the Storm Herald in WotW and they being the main character that turns into Senjutsu Ed. Also leaning buff Belshazzar but we'll have to see.
    I also feel Magus Fomorian was a placeholder name and they meant to be more clever than forgot lol.
    I also have predictions for when events will drop that I figured might be handy.
    Gauntlet Reset - Jan 2
    New Years Saining (BOS) - Jan 3
    Walls of Montsegur (FF Hard) - Jan 6
    Hold the Line (Raid Boss) - Jan 10
    Stormy Supression (Evo) - Jan 13
    Gauntlet Reset - Jan 16
    Writing on the Wall (Dungeon) - Jan 17
    Feast or Famine (Variety) - Jan 20
    Magus Fomorian (LOL Frag) - Jan 23
    Renewed Faith (Cosmos/Frontier) - Jan 26
    Gauntlet Reset - Jan 30
    Towerfall (Gauntlet) - Jan 30

    Thanks for all your hard work. I've appreciated reading your stuff over the years.

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