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    Writing on the Wall (Dungeon) - Exclusive Chance at The Storm-Herald and more!

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    Prophecies tell of a singular moment in the not-so-distant future, wherein the storm will gather, and the Heralds will be called upon. Some others conflate this with prophecies surrounding the legendary four horsemen of the apocalypse. Regardless, the truth is that the Storm Riders are said to be proceeded by a single mysterious individual of incredible strength: the Storm-Herald. Brandishing an ancient ring containing the power of an eternal's shard, players will be able to unleash a torrent of magic on their opponents with this powerful new ally.

    From now until January 24th, 4 PM PT, battle through 4 difficulty settings in the Writing on the Wall dungeon!

    The first time you complete Normal, Hard or Madness, you will earn set rewards including:

    Burning Sky Souls
    Present Talismans (Safeguard Subtype)

    Your first Insanity run will grant T3 2★ Cosmic Evo Runes and Talisman Epic Soul Fragments.

    All subsequent victories are guaranteed to provide:

    Coveted Currency
    Dungeon Fragments
    A chance of up to 2 bonus rewards, including: Courage Talismans (Safeguard Subtype)

    Completing Event Challenges will grant various other rewards, including more Coveted Currency, Warrior Souls, Ritualistic Scripts and Sagittarius Talismans and more!

    Coveted Currency can be traded in store for packs of Burning Sky Souls, Cosmic Viking Talismans, plus our two featured characters - The Storm-Herald and Sentinel Mercenary Vanguard.

    Burning Sky Soul Details!

    The Burning Sky Soul is a limited time event soul which guarantees a 3★ to 5★ character of any class. This soul has an exclusive chance of summoning 5★ Cosmic The Storm-Herald and 5★ Sentinel Mercenary Vanguard.

    Each Burning Sky Soul summoned will also grant the following bonus rewards:
    • 10 The Storm-Herald Soul Fragments
    • 10 Sentinel Mercenary Vanguard Soul Fragments
    • 20 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments

    750 The Storm-Herald Fragments guarantees 1 5★ Cosmic The Storm-Herald.

    500 Sentinel Mercenary Vanguard Soul Fragments guarantees 1 5★ Sentinel Mercenary Vanguard.

    400 Talisman Gold Red Soul Fragments guarantees a Tier 1 to Tier 3 Gold or Red Cosmic Talisman and 1★ Gold Idol.

    Ritualistic Scripts is the event currency of our Tides of Change event running until February 3rd.

    Trade your Ritualistic Scripts in the Event Store for rare rewards including Storm-Rider Killers Eddie, Cosmic Storm Herald Talismans and more!

    You can learn more about this featured event in the Tides of Change event post here!

    Event Store Additions:
    • Trade extra Coveted Currency for additional rewards like Cosmic Lightning Talismans, and Heroic Souls.
    • Trade in Ironite to pick up more Present, Sagittarius and Courage Talismans.
    • Grab an additional boost of Event Currency to trade for more items in the Event Store. This pack also contains Talisman Soul Fragments, Frontier Coins, Ironite and more!
    • Two power up packs are on offer! Each pack provides Ironite to help farm more event currency, a bit of gold, 5⭐ XP Shards, and Skill Shards to power up your characters!

    Dungeon Fragment Details:

    Dungeon Fragments will drop in event Dungeons. Use Dungeon Fragments to purchase items found within the Event Store Tab. You can continue collecting and building your stockpiles of Dungeon Fragments with each Dungeon event.

    Please note that the items available for Dungeon Fragments disappear between dungeon events. They will reappear again with the same items available the next time a dungeon event is held.

    Since these Fragments are meant to be spent in store, they cannot be converted to Precious Soul Fragments and will ‘loop’ if you claim a Dungeon Soul (if claimed, a Dungeon Soul will simply produce 1000 Dungeon Fragments, and 1 1★ Gold Idol, thus returning the fragments used to create it, and the Gold spent to summon it).

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    I like this event.

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    Any fast teams for madness? tried fotd Ed, bapho warrior, immorios, assasin amaterasu. But not 100 succed:/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iced_Earth View Post
    Any fast teams for madness? tried fotd Ed, bapho warrior, immorios, assasin amaterasu. But not 100 succed:/
    I farm madness with DrE (Apo + Bespoke/ Blight, MArk, Bespoke)
    Cosmic Ama (Rot + Envious)
    Horus (Blight, Nav, Bespoke Horus)
    GotN (Gluttounus, t3 Patience) 1min avrg

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    Is there a process to exchange Brave Talismans received incorrectly for Courage Talismans? Or just put in a ticket?
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    Really enjoyed the Drifter's tale, nice way to put your own spin on the song.

    The dungeon was a fair bit tougher than the past few we've had, and I think this was mostly due to various endure-style effects which meant we essentially had to kill certain enemies multiple times. And Babylon talismans, their first turn 90% damage reduction effect was more potent than expected. 2min runs in Insanity seem to be fairly standard.

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    I tinkered around with my team a little bit, and was able to get my runs to around a 1:40min average. Fastest was 1:12, although anything under 1:30 was rare. Certainly better than the 2:00-2:30 runs my original team was getting.

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    C. Baphomet - Wrathful/Patience
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