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    How to get past the 'use 10 power abilities' quests

    So I've been trying to finish up isle of Avalon, however I've tried various combos of characters - even weaker teams so that I can get 10 power abilities in.... Just seems undoable.

    Any advice is much appreciated - Cheers!

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    Easiest way to get perfect hits is to use power attacks, since then you just have to mash the screen, not get your timing right.

    The best way that I've found to do 10 power attacks is to take grim reaper eddie and two golden skulls (the ones that are supposed to be only good for selling). The golden skull's power ability costs 1 and gives you a lot in return. I do both skulls first, which fills up my power. Then I do grim reapers "Death Grip" power ability (looks like a skeleton hand). That freezes everyone and gives you an extra turn. So I do it again. Then use a basic attack that only hits one person. Most likely everyone will still be frozen and you can do it over again.

    To make things a bit easier, I've got celestial on one of the golden skulls, which keeps them alive for a turn if not all the bad guys get frozen. And I fury to bring them back if they die.

    Same team works for "9 basic attacks" too, since the skulls basic attacks do very little damage, you have time to get a lot of hits in.

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    The easiest way (if you have these characters) : soccer player (timeout) and yellow Mino. You will complete the task in one wave

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    You might also put echo talismans in the skulls which would give them a chance of an extra turn. Iíve also run the gunner jeanne character that gives you full power and fury after an action in certain circumstances. The key for these challenges is to extend the battle. You want to create effects but not necessarily damage or kill the enemy until youmeet your requirement. Your question was about power moves, but the strategy applies to other types of requirements as well, such as do 10 power down effects. If you plan it right you can do the effect multiple times per battle thus lowering the number of runs you might need to make.

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    Some good advice already here. Just another way:

    - Use max. awak. Cyborg Eddie. His past Power Ability 'Force Field' costs 4 and gives him an extra turn while charging the fury. Once you have it full, use fury (Time to Lose) to get 12 Power and 100% fury (and extra turn to all other allies). Doesn't matter if you kill all enemies in the first wave by using Fury. Having full Power you'll be able to complete the quest in the second wave.
    - Then use Papa Emeritus IV's Power Ability, which costs only 4 and gives and extra turn to all allies. So now you can repeat, either Papa's Power or Cyborg's Power 'Force Field'.

    And another alternative:
    Angel of Death. Use his Power Ability, which gives an extra turn to self and target ally and gives 12 Power back if Perfect Bleed is on any enemy. Just equip Reaper Talis on him and you'll have it.

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