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    State of the Nation - Winter 2022

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    Welcome to another State of the Nation!

    Before we dive into what you can expect from the first half of 2022, let’s take a moment to relish in the past 12 months. 2021 was a huge year! We released an entire new world - the Isle of Avalon - and with it many incredible new characters such as Balor, Morgan Le Fay and Merlin Eddie. The 3rd and final part of our Avalon story was added in October, along with 2 new difficulty settings and a new skull quest. What will happen next?! The story of Legacy of the Beast will continue on in dungeons and events in the years to come!

    The fall of 2021 also saw the launch of our 3rd Raid Boss and the Divine Origins mega event where players could battle to earn Amaterasu. And of course September marked the release of Iron Maiden’s newest album, Senjutsu, and the addition of Senjutsu Eddie to the game.

    Our team also spent time in 2021 introducing a number of player requested improvements and quality of life fixes. We expanded space in the player inventory (you can now hold up to 800 characters), broke up Brave New World into 5 different dungeons to allow for easier collection of evo materials, and shifted characters from the Frontier Store to other locations.

    Coming up in the first half of 2022, we’ve got even more exciting content coming your way.

    Awakening Duel
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    First up is an all new event type, the Awakening Duel. Two Eddies will go head to head for the opportunity to be awakened.

    Throughout the month of March, you’ll be able to battle to awaken either Angel Eddie or Gambler Eddie. This event idea was inspired by community member TransVader’s suggestions and we can’t wait to see who wins! Read up on the details so far in our official announcement here! You can prepare for the event by securing the Eddie you want to see awakened from the Frontier store. To help you out, starting February 1st, we’ll be putting both Angel and Gambler Eddie Souls and Fragments on sale (10% off their regular price) until March 31st.

    Legacy of the Beast World Tour

    The Legacy of the Beast World Tour is coming this summer! We are absolutely ecstatic to see Iron Maiden on the road once again. We’ll be supporting the tour with a variety of events and plenty of incredible characters coming in 2022. This month was themed around the first part of the Writing on the Wall music video and saw us releasing Belshazzar, The Storm-Herald and other characters, as well as a post-apocalyptic dungeon jam packed with references to the video. We’ll have even more Writing on the Wall allies coming in the spring, as well as other Senjutsu album themed characters!

    What characters would you like to see added to the game? Comment below and let us know.

    And of course, we also have some pretty awesome original content coming, plus more holiday themed characters! Take a look at this concept piece for upcoming ally...
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    More Collaborations
    Coming up in 2022 we’re planning a number of collaborations with other incredible artists.
    Last year we had 4 awesome collaborations featuring Amon Amarth, Lacuna Coil. Ghost and filmmaker Corin Hardy. We have even more exciting plans this year, including a brand new collab lined up for next month.

    Are there any artists you’d like to see us collaborate with? Let us know in the comments below!

    Frontier Store and Soul Updates
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    As a reminder, our February update will be removing a number of characters from the Frontier Store. You can read the full list here.
    The goal of this change is to help make the store easier to navigate and free up space for future additions. The characters selected for removal have been available for years and will be placed in the general soul pool. We’ll be making a handful of new additions to the Frontier Store over the next year or so (we’ll announce these characters as we add them).

    In addition to this, we’ll be adding all remaining characters that were previously featured in 4★ Fragment events to the general soul pool. This includes Pirate Skeleton (Gunner), Underworld Dog (Sentinel), Mystic (Magus), Orangutan (Warrior), and Zombie Soldier (Assassin).

    Improving Help Resources

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    Finally, we plan to improve our help documentation. This January we resolved some existing visual issues with the Compendium and fixed the problem that was preventing the Effects page from working. There is one issue remaining that has prevented us from updating the Compendium that we are currently working to sort out. We hope to have a solution for this soon!

    We understand many players use the Compendium and we’re looking for more ways to help! Last year we added the Talisman Soul Schedules to the newsfeed. This allows players to plan further ahead, and see the talismans that can be summoned from both Evolution Talisman Souls and Towerfall Talisman Souls well in advance.

    We are currently planning to add a resource page to our newsfeed that covers Awakening materials (how many there are, who can use them, where to get them etc.) as this is one area we see a lot of questions surrounding. Are there any other help articles you would like to see us add to our resource list? Let us know in the comments.

    That’s all for now Troopers! We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the spring.

    Up the Irons!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leviathan
    What will happen next?! The story of Legacy of the Beast will continue on in dungeons and events in the years to come!
    Thanks for the update, Leviathan. Does your quote above mean that we won't be seeing any new additions to the Cosmos in the future? Also, any updates on Silent Planet?

    Looking forward to the coming months - seems like good stuff on the horizon!
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    A lot to read here, but unfortunately not a lot that says what we should expect in the future. A lot of this was retrospective, which is understandable. Avalon was a big release, and it may be difficult to follow it up with any story worlds in the foreseeable future. The collaborations we saw last year had some pretty fun characters, with both Papa Emeritus IV and Cardinal Immortus being some of the most powerful characters in the game to date.

    That being said, it is a bit worrisome that there aren't really any clear points as to what is going on in the future for the game. We've seen glimpses of a story involving Moonchild in the Halloween and Christmas dungeons, but overall we have nothing to go off with how Avalon ended. There also isn't anything really planned that we can see from here; one ally is interesting, sure. However, in a previous state of the nation we saw all of the Silent Planet demons and we haven't heard a thing about silent planet since then.

    I am always looking forward to more LotB stuff, but it is worrisome that this post really doesn't say anything that we didn't already know. We haven't had a fully "new" Eddie since Senjutsu Eddie; every other Eddie we have gotten has been some sort of special variant of one or two Eddies. This isn't to say they aren't interesting (I have Fear to Eternity as my profile picture on the forums and Discord), but it is concerning to see that the game appears to be slowing a bit. I just hope that things are going well, and I look forward to 2022 with LotB.

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    Would have like to see more about how the long standing issues are being addressed.
    And why is the collab with Corin Hardy in the past tense. Unless I missed something, that hasn't happened.

    And of course I wouldn't be living up to expectations if I didn't suggest a collab with Unleash the Archers. They're Vancouver based so they can hop right down to the studio and they're all huge fans of Maiden with one of them even being in a world touring Maiden tribute band
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    Corin Hardy was the pumpkin designs for the last two Halloweens I think.

    In terms of future collabs I would love to see a set of allies based on the current Lordi lineup; with the backstory each of the 'monsters' has they could easily lend themselves to some decent skillsets. It would have to be a big project to do all 5 though (although there would be one for each class...)

    I guess the further Senjutsu themed characters could be the black and white samurais from the Stratego video, maybe with the chariot bearer as well? One thing that would be potentially fun would be to expand the character that is playing Stratego against Eddie at the end of the video into a full character; all we see is her hands and lap so the team could have a lot of freedom to create something cool.
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    Compendium is down again... It's showing white screen. Anyone?

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    I think a King Diamond collaboration would be cool!

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