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    A long time coming

    Dear devs this game has been a helluva ride i downloaded it way back in 2016 because i seen iron maiden game and thought oh cool maiden have a game i have played for almost 6 years and eventually came to the conclussion last month the game just isnt fun anymore dont get me wrong the story with avalon started great and lord of light was beautifully done but avalon left the game feeling finished and with most of the october-december events being reskins and throwing old event toons back out it just pushed the feeling of everything being finished it dosnt help that events can take days to complete the game is time sink thats run out of rewards there have been weeks in the past where this game has been played on my phone/device more than i have worked 60+ hours a week for a mobile video game just isnt appealing especially since it feels like you guys have ran out of story and ideas it took years for night city and avalon to come out sure i understand you guys aint a big company but the time sink events need to stop as do the bugs yes its gotten significantly better 2021 but theres still much to be done i may come back in the future but for now this is the end ps if anyone is seeing maiden at download this year look for the clansman for a pint peace out

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    Feels like deja vu.
    Also, you dropped some interpunction. Here you go: ,,,,,,,,.................!!!!!!!!???

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