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Thread: April Events

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    April Events

    New month, new events and a new collaboration.

    A Fool's Disguise: We already know from the tuning notes and from the livestream posted to the YouTube channel that this is where we can get Shy-Harold, Avatar of Eddie and open up his special frontier dungeon.
    Roaring of Guns: In the most recent patch, though it doesn't say it in the tuning notes, the Airstrip dungeon got a hard difficulty. I imagine this is an event for that.
    Warrior Angel: Another fragment event, this time featuring the Warrior Angel from Avalon.
    Exposed Weakness: Standard evo event.
    Macht Der Wolfe: Last time we had a "character showcase" it was the Lacuna Coil collab. I assume that this, being that it is in German and relates to wolves, is a Powerwolf collaboration.
    The Original Sin: With Belshazzar getting awakened and an event for him occurring during this month, I assume that this might be a reference to the Adam and Eve characters that he was drinking in the Writing on the Wall music video.
    Dawnbringer: Not entirely certain on this one.
    The Frenzied Hunt: Once again, not entirely certain here either.
    Winged Resurrection: It was stated in the YouTube livestream that the Angry Birds Eddie characters would be reappearing this month, and I think this is the event that we shall see them return in.
    Belshazzar's Feast: The second part to January's Writing on the Wall dungeon, no doubt. I assume this means we will get a new Storm-Rider or maybe some of the characters from the music video that we haven't seen yet.
    Lurking Corruption: Not too sure; this is a Lord of Light event that isn't a fragment event, and we haven't had one of those in years it feels like.

    Finally, the mega event is called "Cursed Sandstorm." If this is related to the Writing on the Wall theme, then I think this is Storm-Rider Pharaoh Eddie's month. If not, then I'm not really sure.

    What do you all think?

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    Good call on Powerwolf. I don't love their music, but their album art is great.
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    Dawnbringer is Lucifer Morningstar's Power Ability, which is my sneaking suspicion that it has to do with him.

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    My event date start time predictions - times are based on UTC 0:00:00 reset. I agree collab is probably powerwolf.

    A Fool's Disguise (Variety) - April 1
    Roaring of Guns (Frontier) - April 4
    Warrior Angel (Fragment) - April 7
    Exposed Weakness (Evolution) - April 10
    Macht Der Wolfe (Character Showcase) - April 11
    The Original Sin (Cosmos & Skull Quest) - April 13
    Dawnbringer (Brave New World) - April 17
    The Frenzied Hunt (Raid Boss) - April 19
    Winged Resurrection (Sands) - April 22
    Belshazzar's Feast (Dungeon) - April 24
    Lurking Corruption (Lord of Light) - April 27
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