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    Jomsvikings looking for members

    Do you have a reasonable raid team?
    Can you reliably use at least your 21 free SoB each week?
    Want to hang out on a private discord and chat about whatever, Maiden, game or anything else?

    We have a spot for you!

    Post up your in game name so we can check out your roster and message me with any questions!
    PROUD to be a Jomsviking!

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    Jomsvikings is recruiting a small number of new members to replace inactive players.
    We regularly make SSS raiding and have helpful information to get new recruits up to speed raiding.
    Looking for active players able to participate in weekly raids and general guild events.
    Reach out to me or Natasmai for membership consideration.
    "A good game is like a mirror that allows you to look into yourself. And you can learn a lot about a man by watching how he plays a game." Malcador

    Cartic-4058 - in-game account ID

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