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Thread: May Events

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    May Events

    I was a bit late to this one due to irl stuff, but here's my guesses.

    Wicker Rituals and Drifter have already occurred, so no guesses here.

    Chains of Misery: The FotD Cosmic Saga talisman mentions a Misery's Fiend, so I imagine that's who comes from here.
    Towerfall: Standard tower fall event, nothing special.
    Dual Advantage: Evo event, I imagine this one is for another Zodiac. Perhaps Gemini?
    Atomic Sunset: I feel this is our collaboration dungeon, as the other is the immortal event in which you are guaranteed an Eddie. If I were to take a guess, the collaboration is likely Nuclear Assault, a thrash metal band.
    Tides of Time: Not fully sure, perhaps a new talisman set here.
    Immortal Skirmish: The immortal event I mentioned earlier. A guaranteed Eddie from the past year.
    Savage Bloodshed: Perhaps this is another character for the Event Collab, like how the Ghost one had both the Dancers and Immortus in separate events.
    Fight or Flight: The other new character that is mentioned on the Saga talisman is Wasted Love, so I guess that might be here?

    That's about it for me. How are you all enjoying the month so far?

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    I know far too many times I, among many, have cried out for Vic Rattlehead, but "Atomic Sunset" immediately made me think of the single artwork for Peace Sells...

    I feel like it's almost inevitable, as he's in nearly the same league as Eddie in terms of recognizability (?)

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    the local mentally unstable halfwit

    DoctorEly-4668: Dark Road Eddie

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