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Thread: June Events

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    June Events

    With the conclusion of this month, we enter into the beginning of Summer with June.

    Furigoma: This is a Japanese term for a coin flip to determine who goes first in a game of Shogi. Now, it is likely that this is tied to the hard Gangland dungeon, but the rewards are more likely to be something like Strategic Awakening Shards or some new Stratego-themed characters/talismans.
    Height Advantage: Not fully sure, but if it's keeping with the Stratego theme, could be something about "having the high ground."
    Gauntlet Spring Tour: Normal, in-between gauntlet tour.
    Cloak and Dagger: Another Evo event, likely for Sagittarius talismans.
    Blazing Stance: Yeah, not too sure about this one either.
    Unyielding Frontline: Since June is typically the war-themed month, this could be some form of a trench warfare character or something like that. On the other hand, if this is still Stratego related, perhaps it's the Pawns of White and Black.
    Game of Destiny: This is probably a dungeon that mimics the Stratego YouTube video, where we play as either the Black or White side, and have to push through a horde of enemy pawns, knights, etc.
    Eye of the Storm: Not sure what exactly this might be, but we do know it's probably related to the BNW anniversary. However, "Eye of the Storm" is also a lyric in Stratego.
    Endless Coils: I imagine this is a raid boss event to earn Electric Shards to buff Storm Eddie. Also, Storm Eddie ties into the Stratego theme as well because his awakened fury disables the passives of Amaterasu and "Of White" characters.
    Red Baron: Normal fragment event.
    Imperial Regalia: Not fully sure; the only imperial characters I can think of would be the Crimean ones, but if we're sticking to Stratego month, then perhaps this event will give us the Queen of White/Queen of Black or the King of Black.

    Finally, the overall event this month is called "Surefire Strategy." I think this is where we will get either the King of Black or some new Stratego Eddie, as hinted at in tuning.

    What do you all think?

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    My guesses:
    June 1st Furigoma (Frontier Dungeon) Gangland
    June 4th Height Advantage (Sand Spend)
    June 6th Gauntlet Tour Spring 2022
    June 7th Cloak And Dagger (Evolution - Combo)
    June 10th Blazing Stance Clan Event (Boss Run)
    June 12th Unyielding Frontline (Arena)
    June 15th Game Of Destiny (Dungeon)
    June 20th Eye Of The Storm (Brave New World)
    June 21st Endless Coils Clan Event (Raid Boss)
    June 24th Red Baron (Fragment)
    June 27th Imperial Regalia (Cosmos & Frontier)
    All times in UTC, so for the Americas it's the night before.
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    Blazing Stance is a new Blaze Bayley Eddie…

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobG-9641 View Post
    Blazing Stance is a new Blaze Bayley Eddie…
    I did wonder that but couldn't see any obvious anniversaries (X Factor or Virtual XI release etc.); doesn't necessarily mean it's not the case though.
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