And now we come to the anniversary month!

Countermove: Baphomet's Bar got an updated Hard Mode, and with it I think we're gonna start seeing some "Of Black" characters. After all, the final dungeon of this month is called Brinkmate, which is the same as Checkmate in chess.
Gauntlet Season 15: Being that his name was revealed in the latest tuning, I imagine this will be where we get King of Black, Takeshi.
6th Anniversary Celebration: Probably just a way to get any characters you may have missed during the year, though who knows! Could be more.
Fortified Defenses: Another standard Evo Event.
Afterlife: Now my mind immediately goes to the confirmed A7X Collab that we know is coming, but it seems too soon since the contest's beginning for them to have chosen the proper DeathBat designs. So, instead I have to imagine it's a different band who is utilizing the term Afterlife or has to do with the undead. There is the band Afterlife, and there's also an upcoming Five Finger Death Punch album titled Afterlife. Not sure which it may be in reference to.
Deific Weaponry: Could be a way to get Life and Power Eddie again, or something like that. After all, he was recently awakened and his abilities grant him Legacy Weapons.
Stallion Stampede: Maybe another mounted combatant for the Stratego themes?
Long-Distance Runner: Everyone's favorite marathon man is back again!
Brinkmate: Likely the conclusion or at least part 2 of the Game of Destiny dungeon's plot line.

Finally, the monthly event is called Sea to Shore. I somehow think this is unrelated to Stratego, but I don't know what Eddie/ally might be up for grabs.