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    State of Nation Summer 2022

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    We’re halfway through the year, and that means it’s time for another State of the Nation!

    Before we get into what’s coming, let’s take a look back at the last 6 months!

    We started the year with a bang, focusing on characters and dungeons pulled straight from Iron Maiden’s epic ‘Writing on the Wall’ music video. We’ve since released a number of WOTW themed characters, including Belshazzar, the evil DJ clown, and 4 Storm-Rider Eddies!

    March also saw the inclusion of a new event type - the Awakening Duel! This event ran all month long and saw players earning points for the Eddie they wanted to see awakened. In the end, Gambler Eddie won! Players have been able to awaken this character since our June update. This event was such a success that we are planning to do another one soon!

    Let us know which characters you’d like to see awakened in the comments!

    Most exciting of all, Iron Maiden’s incredible Legacy of the Beast World Tour started in May! We’ve launched our Stratego themed content alongside it, including a brand new Stratego Eddie. We also swapped out Holy Smoke Eddie’s in-game shirt to a Number of the Beast t-shirt that not only marks the start of the tour, but also continues the celebration of this year’s 40th Anniversary of Number of the Beast.

    The last few months has also seen a number of improvements and quality of life updates being added to the game. We have continued to refresh the general soul pool, added a large variety of awakening shards to frontier dungeons, and updated Cosmic Talismans so they can evolve from max level 3★ T1 to 1★ T2, and max level 3★ T2 to 1★ T3. We also further increased inventory space in the Spring: character and talisman inventory by 100 extra slots, plus shard and rune inventory by 50.

    Coming up in the final half of 2022, we’ve got even more exciting content coming your way.

    Introducing Cernunnos

    The Celtic god is making their Legacy of the Beast debut in just a few weeks. Players will be able to battle this 4th Raid Boss to earn even more rewards weekly.

    We first hinted at Cernunnos a few years ago, and they are finally here. Take a look at this god’s concept art below, and see some of the small changes we’ve made over time to this formidable new character.
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    Just like in previous releases, the new Raid Boss will be accompanied by a 3 month long mega event. This event, Eternal Hunt, will run from August to October during which you’ll be able to earn Cernunnos (available in 6 classes) and powerful talismans by participating! We’ll have the full details on this mega event once it kicks off next month.

    And that’s not all! We’ll also be introducing a new Cernunnos themed Clan hub screen to celebrate their release.

    Loot and Point Distribution

    As noted in our release notes at the end of May, we’ll also be making updates to Raid Boss loot tables and Raid Point distribution in our next update, due at the end of July. These changes will be relatively minor, with the loot table changes focused on shifting top rewards. The biggest change will be that Clan character fragments that are currently earnable in Odin and Baphomet will be moved to Amaterasu and Cernunnos. We will also be adding T1-T2 and T2-T3 Bespoke Cosmic Talisman upgrade materials as possible rewards for Amaterasu and Cernunnos.

    As for Raid Points, players will be able to earn a larger amount of Raid Points by fighting our newest Raid Boss, Cernunnos.

    In addition to this, the lower 6 ranks of Raid Boss (F to A Grades) will be worth more points overall! With this boosting of base points, early game players who battle in lower levels will see their contributions matter even more to the Clan total.

    We can’t wait for this next Raid Boss update and to hear your thoughts!

    More Epic collaborations!

    The first half of 2022 has had several incredible collaborations with bands such as Disturbed, Powerwolf and Arch Enemy! We’ve got even more up our sleeves in the coming months. We recently announced a collaboration with Avenged Sevenfold that is due out later this year. We’ve also got 2 more planned, including one that starts in the second week of July! Each collaboration features a free character and brand new storyline.

    What is your favourite collaboration character we’ve released so far? Let us know in the comments.

    New Characters!

    As always, our design team is busy working on some incredible new characters to add to your roster. This month we released a very special character, Bushida Ryō, Avatar of Eddie. This Viking/Samurai fusion character came out of a brainstorming session we had with Bruce Dickinson when he visited our studio back in March. We were able to take his ideas and bring them to life! You’ll be able to learn more about this character and our creation process on our social channels later this month!

    We’ve also got a number of other characters on the go. Check out the concept below for a sneak peek at Cernunnos’ right hand man…
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    In addition to that, we’ve got a very special character in the works who would be a perfect match for the Rhythmic Talisman set…
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    Finally, before we go, we wanted to highlight this incredible player guide made by GrimDusk:

    This guide covers every aspect of the game, from getting your team battle ready, to the importance of Frontier Dungeons, and how to deal with Raid Bosses! The information in here is not only helpful to players just beginning their Legacy journey, but for seasoned Troopers as well! It’s clear that this document is a labour of love and our team is totally blown away. Be sure to check it out!

    That’s all for now. Until next time…

    Up the Irons!

    The Legacy of the Beast Team

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    First off, thank you so much for featuring my guide in such a massive post! I really appreciate it, and hope that players here on the forum and social media find it helpful.

    Cernunnos looks amazing; their appearance is really unique in the game and I really look forward to seeing how they contribute to the team. I also really love the look of the right hand man, more goat men is awesome (though I still am kinda sad that Bap got screwed out of characters that felt thematic to him).

    Finally, Rhythmic talismans could only pair with a character to complete a set. Perhaps a drummer Eddie is in the works?

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    Looking forward to the new Raid boss, loving the design. And of course, VERY excited for that A7X collab when it rolls around, the collabs so far have been really cool. Lastly, Grim's guide is excellent, well done mate. Cheers all
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    I really want to awaken my Storm Herald, he's certainly become one of my favorites and I would really like to be able to advance him further!

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