Well, we're coming up on nearly a year anniversary of Senjutsu! And with that, a new month brings new events.


Shoot to Kill: Arcade Armageddon has a hard mode added in, and actually unfortunately when it initially released the fragments for this event were dropping early. Since the event will likely start pretty soon, I will not spoil what I saw in those frags.
Achieving Balance: Usual evo event stuff.
Resonant Rhythms: Well, I assume this is the drummer Eddie mentioned in the most recent State of the Nation. I am curious to see what this new guy does.
Rematch: Not sure. This is a very straightforward title, so realistically it could be anything.
Gauntlet Summer Tour: Takeshi's season ends here, and with his end comes a break from the normal gauntlet stuff.
Virtues and Sins: Perhaps a raid boss event that lets us trade for either the Sin Talismans or the High Virtue ones?
Protective Companion: Maybe this will be a way to get Sirius, the dog character since he hasn't been available in regular souls and for a while was pay only.
The Purge: With Speed of Light Eddie getting awakened we've been seeing his data corrupted and torn apart, so maybe that has something to do with this dungeon?
Space and Time: Perhaps a chance at some of the Stranger in Time characters again? It's been a while since some of them have been available.
Sanctioned Sacrifice: Also not too sure as to what could be coming here. Maybe a talisman set or something?
Ronin Yurei: Fragment event, same as usual.

What do you all think?