first off, I think the backer shirts should come back, they would probably do well if the game has the "millions of players it claims"
game could be so much better with minor changes

like not asking ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SELL THID ITEM WHO'S ONLY PURPOSE IS TO BE SOLD? ARE YOU SURE? or to be able to skip the animations for souls, awakening, ect

up the level cap its been half a decade

half the skull quests are completely worthless

make pvp and arena a little more accessible, maybe more than 1k people will make an attempt to get to SSS or better yet. Make the #1 rewards for everyone that gets past SSS

Stopping the store/BoS resetting to the start of the list after every purchase/soul opening should already be a feature.Having a Compendium that was up to date and worked

Something on the Book of Souls screen to tell you how many stacks / free space you have

AN AUTOMATIC SELL FEATURE if the gameplay is going be based around lootbox mechanics players are going to the millions of duplicates. its a waste of time. Even to trade them in for other crap we dont want.

A slider when youíre converting fragments so you can choose to keep some and convert others (especially for the dungeon frags and cosmic talisman frags)
Some way of getting rid of all those frags from events that have finished but you have less that 10 frags left sneak canít convert

I have frags from 3+ years ago, and the only message they send is, if the feature does not generate income, it will stay broken.