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    October 2022 Tuning and Update - DISCUSSION

    Discuss the October 2022's Tuning and Update Notes in this thread!

    Here's a link to our Tuning Notes.
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    Really not liking this trend of 10% toons. Hopefully this next one isn't nearly as giant of a pain to get as Lucifer is.

    I said it in the conversations on the discord when Lucifer dropped, resource drains should be tied to progress NOT gambling.
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    Very small tuning this time around, which is not a bad thing. Makes it easier to break down.

    As Muzak points out, the Dark Unawakened character trend is a bit unfortunate but it does seem like they're not much better than the original version, so it's not too bad.

    RotB Ed's changes are neat, but still I don't think they entirely work for his kit. Also, Drumroll costs 4 power, so I am not sure what the tuning means when it says decreasing from 7 to 5.

    Finally, Rogar's regular changes look all good and such, but his awakening looks like it actively nerfs him? Cosmogian Battlecry's text reads that ally stats are increased by 100% instead of 75%, but that's also what the regular change says, so I am unsure what that means. Also, his passive is actively worse as it decreases his chances of countering, makes it harder for him to disable talismans, and removes a lot of the other interesting facets he had.

    So, not really sure what to say here; the tuning looks a bit off this time. Also, Powerslave Madness should be interesting.

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