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    Game Update - October 25th 2022

    A new update is now available!

    Updated Frontier Dungeon
    Powerslave Frontier dungeon now has a Madness Difficulty setting. We’ll have an event focused on this dungeon starting in late November!

    New Achievements
    • 2 new Achievements have been added to the Challenge menu.

    New Awakenable Characters
    Rogar, A Stranger in Time is now awakenable! You can start powering up this character to new levels as of this update.

    Cosmic Cyborg Eddie now has an Alternate Awakening! Opening a soul containing Cosmic Cyborg Eddie has a 10% chance to be Dark Unawakened Cosmic Cyborg Eddie! The alternative Max Awakening can be obtained by acquiring 6 Cyborg Awakening Shards and 6 Dark Unmaker Awakening Shards.

    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Resolved an issue with the camera placement during Ringmaster Eddie's attacks
    • Cancer and Capricorn Talismans have been added to the Talisman Soul
    • Rota, Valhalla Maiden has been unlocked and can now be sold or sacrificed

    Tuning Changes
    Follow this link to see all the Tuning Changes in this release!

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