So I actually missed October Events due to myself being incredibly busy, but I am back for November!

Refined Mechanisms: This month appears to have some space stuff added in addition to maybe Day of the Dead? Either way, this seems to fit more into the space theme. Maybe some Offworlder Awakening shards and some other items of the sort.
The Vengeful Spirit: Could be some sort of revenant of Dio de los Muertos, coming back for revenge? Not really sure to be honest.
Decisive Reprisal: Standard evo stuff.
Soul Transmission: This definitely feels like it might have a double meaning; on one hand, the soul part of this is clearly related to Day of the Dead stuff, but the Transmission part might be related to the monthly event, which is called "Intergalactic Performance." So, maybe it's something about transmitting Day of the Dead music?
The Deadly Rose: Still probably Day of the Dead stuff, though again I'm not sure. It's not a culture I am super familiar with so I don't entirely know what to say.
Korksal, A Stranger in Time: Standard frag event.
Sacrificial Boar: Could be some sort of boar character or talisman set; not impossible with the Chinese Zodiac we've been seeing recently.
Towerfall: Standard mid gauntlet event.
Strange Times: Could be the new way to get Cosmic Cyborg Eddie since he now has a "Dark Unawakening." Really, could be anything related to the themes of Somewhere in Time.
Shattered Seal: Powerslave Frontier Dungeon just got a madness difficulty, and this is when we get to run it. I do recommend running it, the writing is really good and the story is pretty cool.

And finally, the monthly event is called "Intergalactic Performance" and it has a microphone. Wouldn't be surprised if this was some variant of Scream for Me Eddie or something along those lines.

What do you all think?