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    As a long-time player I agree that things are better now than they have been but that's not to say there aren't areas for improvement. For example, I noticed that there's a compensation pack available today which might be down to the event counter for achievements not working properly. To explain that, I've completed 300 runs of the Gathering Storm level "A New Era" and yet according to the tally in the event tab I had only completed 122 total runs of all event levels which obviously isn't correct. It's also truly disappointing that I've spent so much ironite to fund the 50 Sands per run but the compensation pack is a few keys to run the event again, a pitiful amount of gold and I think either 300 or 600 tokens for the monthly event.

    So while usually the compensation pack is thoughtfully compiled with things that the player will find useful, this one is just an even bigger drain on resources since it costs so much to run the dungeon even when the keys are free.
    Other things they could improve come under the heading of quality of life improvements. For example, they could, and should, allow stylus / mouse interaction in the game for accessibility reasons. It's pretty crap that in 2023 we have to remind companies that disabled people exist and easy solutions like this can be life-changing. Another one would be a better way to sell off excess talismans since they don't always bundle up in that massive table (looking at you Cosmic Angel Talisman) - I've had more than one example where going through the selling table I think I've only got 3 or 4 examples of each talisman at most, but a search in the character screen shows 7 or more that are not already bound to a character.

    Anyway, like I said, mostly it's quality-of-life improvements that could be looked at rather than game-breaking bugs now, so the state of the game has certainly improved significantly over the years.
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