A new update is now available!

Updated Frontier Dungeon
The Mystic Night Frontier dungeon now has a Madness Difficulty setting. We’ll have an event focused on this dungeon starting in early January!

New Achievements
  • 2 new Achievements have been added to the Challenge menu.

New Awakenable Characters
Virtual XI Eddie is now awakenable! You can start powering up this character to new levels as of this update.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Tiger and Rabbit Cosmic Talismans have been added to the Talisman Soul
  • Dark Unawakened Cosmic Cyborg Eddie can now use the Cosmic Saga: Somewhere in Time Talisman
  • Fixed Abominable Eddie's 'Wild Winter' skill so it correctly deals additional true damage
  • Fixed the Frost Giant's Power skill so it deals true damage correctly

Known Issues

Virtual XI eddie’s Awakened Virtual Visage has an issue where it will not deal an extra hit of physical, magic, and true damage if Futureal, Paranoia or Augmented Illusion were the last attack used. We’re attempting to fix this for a future patch.

Tuning Changes
Follow this link to see all the Tuning Changes in this release!