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Thread: January Events

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    January Events

    As the new year rings in, we see a new month for Legacy of the Beast.

    Grim Mysticism: Since our last tuning gave us Mystic Night (Madness), I assume this will be the event in which that takes place.
    Friendly Firewall: It appears this month will have a digital theme, so I wonder if this will be a chance to get more robo drones like Maclo.
    Merge Conflict: Could be anything, though I am willing to bet this is another new character for this raid boss since last raid boss event featured talismans.
    Virtual Cataclysm: More digital stuff, maybe with a new character based on Virtual XI?
    Integrated Immunity: Evo event, as usual.
    Gauntlet Season 17: Hopefully, a new character. I wasn't the biggest fan of Lucifer taking Gauntlet Season 16, especially with him getting no reworks or buffs when he entered.
    Branching Errors: Not really sure, but it is good to see another Book of Souls event!
    The Diff, Override, and Conquer: Not too sure, but another arena event is another arena event. Not much to add.
    Sentinel Mercenary Vanguard: Odd choice for the fragment character this month, as the Mercenary Vanguards have no ties to digital themes. Regardless, that's neat enough.

    Finally, the monthly event is Digital Incursion. Hopefully we get a cool new techno Eddie to face off against.

    What are you guys looking forward to in 2023 with Legacy of the Beast?

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    Fits the theme for the now awakanable virtual xi Eddie. Hopefully a chance to get the 6 corrupted data shards for his final awaken. A sentinel vanguard would be welcome as the red one is now in sacrifice tab, with a synergy in their passive.

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    Looking forward to it! Thanks Grimdusk.

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    Possibly a passive only variant of Speed of Light Eddie??

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