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    State of the Nation Winter 2023

    Welcome to our first State Of The Nation of 2023!

    Before getting into what’s coming this year, here’s a 6-month recap -

    Fourth Raid Boss Release!
    Cernnunos was released. They made their debut in the Eternal Hunt mega event for an opportunity to earn them as a playable character. They will be added to the Clan God Soul and Clan Shop in the next update coming out later this month.

    Epic Collaborations!
    We’ve had more collaborations in the back half of 2023. Five Finger Death Punch, Download Festival, Within Temptation, and Avenged Sevenfold.
    Knucklehead, Download Dog, Genesis, and the Deathbat characters were free to collect during this time. Keep an eye out for their return in 2023!

    Small Improvements!
    For quality of life updates, we’ve increased the Character and Talisman inventory limit to 1,000 each. We’ve added a variety of new loading screens. If there’s any loading screen you’ve especially enjoyed, you can download it as a wallpaper.

    Coming up in the first half of 2023, we have more exciting updates -

    More Awesome Collaborations!
    We’ll be continuing to release more characters based on incredible bands we’re collaborating with! We have 4 more planned this year, and the first one is in March.

    New Characters!
    Not naming names, but here are concept art pieces of characters we’re releasing over the next couple months:
    Name:  Eddie1.png
Views: 1271
Size:  365.4 KB

    Name:  Character2.png
Views: 1215
Size:  279.3 KB

    Name:  Eddie2.png
Views: 1255
Size:  323.6 KB

    Name:  Character1.png
Views: 1273
Size:  479.3 KB
    What names would you give these characters? Leave a comment!

    Economy Adjustment!
    We’ve given away and will continue to regularly give away high value characters for free. To compensate for this we’re adjusting the amount of rewards awarded from some sources. These adjustments will be seen in game January 31. We’ll continue to monitor and evaluate the situation to ensure it’s fair and balanced for all.

    April Update!
    We’re planning on releasing an update this April to improve the performance of the game. This update will also include some bug fixes and quality of life updates, so stay tuned!

    Game Guide!
    In case you missed it in our last post, we want to recommend this wonderful player guide made by GrimDusk. This guide gets continuous updates as the game evolves and covers every aspect of the game. Useful for new players starting out and veteran players alike. Check it out!

    Player Run Discord!
    In case you missed it in our April Event Reveal Stream, there’s a discord server run by long-time player Galactic Cosmos. If you’re interested in joining an active server to discuss characters, events, arena, gauntlet, raid boss and more, we recommend this one. Send Galactic Cosmos a message on Discord GC#6035 for an invite.

    That’s it for now and until next time…

    Up the Irons! 🤘

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    Very nice character art. Performance Updates are always welcome, and I am looking forward to more stuff. I do wish the economy update was a bit more elaborated on, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

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    Both those Eddies look badass... especially the second one, wielding a black hole is cool as hell! I'm guessing he's probably a special edition Different World Eddie, but I could be wrong. You guys seem to really have fun with making new, original Eddies. He's still recognizable no matter what, and the creative inspiration, even if it's not entirely Maiden-based, is awesome to see. I knew there would be a day when the game would outpace the source material, so it's cool to see you guys make it work with those in-house Eds.

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    I hope the quality of life bug fixes include a fix to the Odin heal bug - where causing damage to the Odin raid boss will cause him to gain health
    This has been a problem with the Odin raids for quite a while - possibly since they first started
    I have reported this multiple times with full team details and the specific attacks which cause the issue
    In-Game: SeventhSon-6934
    Clan: The Fallen (now recruiting new members)

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    It's great that the 4th Boss has appeared. Unfortunately, there were some errors. You know very well what I am talking about.
    Giving the Instal Kill skill wasn't a very good move.
    The change from 2% to 1% of Amaterasu's damage taken was unnecessary. Who did it bother?
    Maybe it's time to refresh 2 old Bosses too?
    Maybe it's time to make an event more related to them?
    In general, I consider it a mistake to create such an ability in the game.
    And creating a Gemini talisman that does not work properly from the beginning, despite several updates, I consider to be one of the biggest mistakes.
    I'm glad that there are new characters related to other bands.
    I think you should increase the character and talisman cap to 1200-1500 for more fluidity when opening souls.
    Adding the option to open more than 99 souls at once would be nice too.
    The drawings of the new characters are very cool, I'm curious what skills they will have and if they will actually change anything in the game, because unfortunately we only use a handful of characters because of your misguided policy. You have created 8-10 very strong characters that leave other characters unused.
    I think giving away characters for free is a mistake! It should be possible to obtain each character by completing quests of adequate difficulty to the strength of the character.
    I'm afraid of what bad the April update will bring. I wish my negative feeling didn't come true.
    I know you're trying. I hope I don't sound too pessimistic

    Up the Irons!

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