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    Dragonmat89's Skills/Talisman Guide

    Hi all,

    I've just done an update to my spreadsheet with the new Alexander Awakening details and thought I might as well make a rolling thread where I post when I share a new version. The latest copy should be available to download at **this link** - as normal it's a text searchable/filtered spreadsheet with all characters and talisman information up to date as far as I am aware. The only thing I don't have is unawakened descriptions of skills - if a character is Awakenable then the max awakened skills is all I've included.

    I'll try and post updated links here as and when I have a complete copy to share. Apologies for any typos - anything that isn't up to date on the Compendium was typed out manually.

    **EDIT** I have now uploaded a new version at this link which should be viewable as a live document through your browser. I'll keep it up to date as and when there are changes; anything that I know is out of date will be set to have a red fill until I get chance to update with correct information \m/
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    'Compendium' content for all Talismans and Characters (Max Awakened only if awakenable) available to view here. Please note I'll try and keep this up to date every few weeks.

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