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Thread: March Events

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    March Events

    New month, new events!

    Gathering Storm: As noted in the tuning notes, this is a new dungeon that is similar to Road to Valhalla, with the players facing off against WoTW themed characters. Pretty cool!
    Endless Void: I would wager a guess as to say that this may be the Eddie we saw in the State of the Nation, but I could be incorrect on that.
    Sequence: TFF: I am going to say this is a new talisman or something of the sort, with Final Frontier vibes.
    Unmaker's Corruption: Perhaps another chance at Dark Unmaker Gabriel? She is a Final Frontier inspired character after all, with Isle of Avalon.
    Caught and Constricted: Standard Evolution stuff!
    Born to Raise Hell: Almost certain this is a Motorhead collaboration, what with their 2010 album named after the same thing.
    Solar Encounter: Gonna guess this is the weird space sword guy from the State of the Nation as well.
    Steward of Asmodeus: Frag event with a pretty sick character.
    Beacon of Light: Maybe some satellite talismans? Something of that sort.
    Gauntlet Spring Tour: Same in-between tour as usual.
    Vitality Vortex: Not sure on this, could also be that Eddie from the State of the Nation.
    Foolish Fiend: April Fools event early?

    Finally, the monthly event is called Cosmic Calamity. Space is cool!

    What do you all think?

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    Foolish Fiend sounds like it refers directly to a new character; maybe a variant of Misery's Fiend?
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    Ghost of the Navigator’s face has a lot of Lemmy vibe to it. Ghost of Lemmy would be an awesome character.

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